Our Cakes

Camelot Catering offers Unique and Distinctive Designs Individually customized to your request. Our Chef is a specialty baker with over 40 years experience in traditional French Baking.

Included in our pricing, our cakes are adorned with our intricate sugar porcelain designs.  These creations mimic the fresh flowers used in your event which are hand created petal by petal from sugar dough. These delicate flowers are set on wires for realism and are most times set with fresh greens in arrangement. Our unique sugar artwork offers one of kind presentation for your wedding or special event cake.

We can provide your choice of  any cake flavor delicious fillings and several fresh made frostings. Our cakes are not overly sweet and we take great pride in the moist texture we offer. We also offer gluten free, dairy free and egg free alternatives for your unique design.